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Tools and Roadmap for Living Your Best Back 9

It's About Healthspan Not Lifespan

On May 10th, 2023, NoFalseSummit members were treated to a very special event covering a wide range of topics around longevity and aging healthily.  We were treated to a world class panel including:

  • Hoby Darling - Co-Founder, The Liminal Collective Performance; Sports, Wellness, Technology Executive (Nike, Skullcandy, Volcom)

  • Dr. Jennifer Wagner - Chief Medical Officer, The Liminal Collective (Stanford, Utah) 

  • Jeff Byers - CEO, Momentous (2X USC Football Captain, NFL) 

  • David Stewart - Founder, Ageist (SuperAge Podcast… Science and Medicine)

  • Dr. Kelly Woodward - Head of preventative medicine, LiVe Well Centre Park City

  • Dr. Wendy Troxel - Leading Behavioral Scientist & Sleep Expert + Author


Following the panel discussion and Q&A, we were treated to some live wellness experiences from:

For those that were unable to join us in person, you can watch the session online using the links below.  There is a password for the file, and if you need the password, please email us.  In addition to the recording, there are a series of links to supporting materials that NFS members will find useful on the topic.

Panel Video

Please enjoy this 60 minute video recording of the panel

Video Link

Healthspan Model

This is the high level model used during the panel

Document link

Resource Guide

This document contains links to dozens of useful resources

Document link

What's Next?

We had incredible feedback from our attendees that they wanted more content and workshops on this topic of longevity, healthspan and bio-hacking.  You will be glad to know NFS is working with the panel, and a number of additional resources to bring together more in-depth workshops to help our members create a strong baseline for their healthspan, provide a personalized roadmap and ongoing support.  So stayed tuned for updates on this in the Fall. 

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