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Spreading Joy and Creating Community Impact

The NFS Cares initiative, in collaboration with Belief Group, aimed to bring joy and support to families in need across Park City through a unique and impactful holiday campaign. The campaign's live charity site, served as the central hub for collecting donations.In less than six weeks, NFS and Belief Group successfully launched a micro 5013C and raised $40k from over 55 donors. 



1K+ Gifts


Identifying Families in Need

NFS collaborated with the Parent Teacher Organizations of the seven Park City school districts to identify 140+ families facing unique challenges.

 Trailside, with its diverse community, included families raised by grandparents or single mothers seeking a better life.Many were new to America, some unfamiliar with new toys. Students had crossed borders experiencing loss and family separation. Never having seen snow or held a tablet, they faced unique challenges beyond language barriers.

Gift Sourcing and Local Collaboration

In partnership with J W Allen, NFS obtained 1,000 gifts for deserving children. J W Allen's dedication was evident as they delivered the gifts to the St Regis for a festive wrapping event. On December 13th, 40 volunteers gathered at the St Regis, turning it into a festive haven. Their heartfelt efforts not only decorated the gifts but also infused them with the genuine warmth and care of the community. This volunteer-driven initiative transformed wrapping into a shared celebration, adding a meaningful touch to each present.

Peter Swisher

"My sincerest appreciation for the program you built this year to help families in need. My wife Cortni works closely throughout the year with this community and I cannot state strongly enough what a special moment you have created for these families. Cortni and Eva have been beside themselves with excitement and appreciation. I get to hear from Cortni about the challenges these families face—when she came home and told me about your outreach, she was glowing. I just wanted to send along a quick follow-up myself to say thank you! Have a great holiday"


A Magical Holiday Celebration

On December 18th, our donors experienced the enchantment of a Drone Holiday Light Show, a unique collaboration with OpenSky. Continuing the joy on December 19th, 50 families and local kids enjoyed the Polar Express, a special thank-you from Santa for their efforts in spreading holiday cheer. NFS is committed to creating magical and memorable holiday moments for everyone involved.


Spreading Joy: NFS Cares' Local Impact and Global Vision

NFS curated gifts, engaged the community through volunteer events, and enchanted donors with a mesmerizing drone light show—efforts embodying the heart and soul of NFS Cares, creating lasting joy and memories. Looking forward, NFS aims to scale this initiative regionally and nationally, assisting communities in establishing 5013c initiatives to spread the spirit of giving globally.



A Big THANK YOU To Everyone Involved: Venues, Vendors, Donors, Volunteers, and School Staff.

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