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Join No False Summit, a community of passionate innovators in Park City, Utah who are on a spirited journey to explore new horizons, overcome obstacles, and blaze new trails in their personal and professional lives.


Navigating Transitions

A Comprehensive Review on Career Shifts, Business Sales, and Re-entry Strategies

Please join executive coach Pete Deininger (ACC, HCC, CFA, CAIA) for a lunch on May 8 to discuss professional and life transitions. Pete will be discussing the conceptual framework of considering a transition in our adult years as well as providing some models to utilize in approaching one. This will also provide a forum for members to ask questions and discuss their individual situations.

We Are Innovators On A Spirited Journey Through Life

Brought together by a shared passion for creating a life bigger and brighter than the norm. We are a collection of men in Park City, Utah, who share a common goal to make the world a better place while enjoying the journey along the way. We connect the dots at every turn, sharing often-painful lessons learned and, in doing so, accelerating the ascent to each member's own summit.

Building A Trusted 

Our Park City, UT members come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, but we are all united by a common goal of making a positive impact on the world.

NFS provides programming around different areas of life’s wheel - from business to health, and philanthropy to family. ​Whether it's through attending our networking events, participating in group activities, or interacting with our active social channels, our group offers a great opportunity to build relationships and grow both personally and professionally.

Park City Is Now Our Home, but It Didn’t Use to Be!

We have all been drawn to Park City, Utah, for its beauty, lifestyle, accessibility and community. Our reasons to move here differ, but we all bring something valuable to the table from our previous lifestyles and business networks.

From New York financiers, and Bay Area entrepreneurs, to lawyers from the south and developers from the North (of England). We are an eclectic group of wanderers looking to live our best lives here in "Utapia".


Don’t Follow the Crowd, When You Get There,
Its Crowded

If you are an innovator in Park City who is on a similar journey, we invite you to join us. Connect with like-minded individuals, share your ideas, and receive valuable support and insights. Our community provides a variety of resources and events designed to foster personal growth and enrichment.

What Our Members Are Saying

"An incredible group of entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders who live in Park City but are from all parts of the world and all sectors of the economy. Enjoy a camaraderie that extends beyond business networking to shared activities, life discussions, and experiences aligned with everything Park City has to offer."

Greg L.

No False Summit has hosted a variety of successful events. These events provide a valuable opportunity for members to network, learn, have fun, and grow both personally and professionally.


Ashley Heather: Empowering Men to Connect & Thrive

Discover the insightful interview with our visionary founder as he shares his wisdom with AGEIST. Ashley Heather dives into the transformative power of community, embracing new horizons, and his inspiring outlook for the next chapter of his life. 

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