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Discover the Strength of Community

This tool has been designed to help you get more s**t done in your day.  Time is our most precious resource, and often we don't have access to all the resources and answers we need (fast enough).  Welcome to the hive mind of NFS!

Using this tool, you can share your biggest "needs" with the NFS community. Given the knowledge, access and expertise this group has, it's likely someone will have an answer or a resource for you. Whether it's in the realms of business, health, family, finance, travel, or beyond, don't hesitate to ask for help. Just post your most substantial requests, and someone in the group will quickly reach out with assistance.  

How Does It Work?

1. You can add up to three significant tasks at any time. To add more, you must remove one. Outdated requests will be automatically deleted. Please refresh your requests regularly to maximize the benefits of the application. When you add a task, it will be marked as "anonymous" by default. This means your name will NOT be associated with the task when it's published in our list for other members to see. 2. NFS Members receive a summary email each Thursday with all the latest "needs" added and can volunteer to help. 3. If someone does reach out, you will get an email with their information and you can choose to reach out to them to get their assistance. We take your privacy seriously, so you control who you want to reach out to. 4. Once a task has been completed, you will be asked to mark it as solved and can leave an optional public comment on the solution. This will be archived so that other people with similar questions in the future can find the answer more quickly.

Sample Asks

Remember, some people's significant challenges might be larger or smaller than your own, but don't judge. We are all striving to progress and reach our personal summits!

• I am looking to transition careers and need to network within the private equity industry. • I want to improve my health and am seeking an accountability partner for biking. • I am contemplating changing my children's school and would appreciate talking to parents with kids at Waterford School in SLC. • I am in search of a general contractor to assist with a project at my house. • I've been hearing more about Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, and Ketamine treatments and would love to speak with anyone who has experience. • I'm seeking suggestions for a more exciting family Spring break trip than Mexico. • I'm on the verge of launching a new marketing company and would appreciate running the idea by a few people. • My parents are very ill, and I am starting to make end-of-life plans. I would like to connect with someone who has recently gone through this."

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