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Welcome to our community portal page.  We have designed and customized a community portal and platform for our NoFalseSummit members.

Portal Features

 Some of the core features of this portal are

Member Directory

 Members will be able to see a list of other members and access any public profile information that is shared.  Members can control who sees their profile and who can contact them directly for privacy reasons.

Member Profiles

More than just LinkedIn, these are more robust profiles of families, kids, schools and hobbies. By adding this optional layer of information, it is easier for members to find others who might share the same interests, opportunities or have similar questions in common.

Chat Rooms

We have outgrown our WhatsApp channel with all the community content that is shared.  The new portal now has different threads for multiple subjects. Each member can configure their preferences accordingly and dial up (or down) the number of notifications they get.


 Given the wealth of knowledge and information stored in the chat rooms, there is a comprehensive search so members can find recommendations or advice on specific topics that might be in chat rooms they do not normally follow.


All the NFS events will be published in the portal and allow payment, RSVPs and updates.  This should help to centralize that information for all, and allow better integration with your personal calendars.

Marketplace for Gear

Many of us have kids and as we all know, kids grow out of gear fast.  Many of us are gear junkies and so often have extra equipment we don’t need anymore.  The gear marketplace will allow members to post gear and exchange or sell to others as appropriate


Some of us are new in town, others have first-time projects. We will have a curated list of members endorsed vendors from hot-tub maintenance and lawn care to private drivers and medical doctors. NFS does not receive any kickbacks from vendors and in order to be included they must be endorsed by multiple members.

Three Big Things

NFS is a robust and trusted network comprising like-minded individuals who reside full-time in the Park City area. We all encounter projects or tasks that can be overwhelming, and seeking insights from our community can be immensely beneficial. In this section, members can anonymously post up to three current needs, whether it's a project resource, an introduction to someone, or information about a school, and so on. Members have the ability to browse the list and volunteer their time to assist the original request. The originator can choose to transition out of anonymous mode and directly receive the offered help from other members. 

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